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The Battering of the Constitution – Yash Gay

Uhuru Kenyatta inaugurated his presidency, just over a year ago, by the following declaration, “Achieving peace and strengthening unity will be the goal of my government. This work begins now”. These objectives, he said, “will be confirmed when the rights of all citizens are protected through legislation that upholds the spirit of our constitution…When all [...]

Separating the Constitution myths from the facts

(The writer is a member of the Committee of Experts)

Self checklist ahead of August 4 referendum

This is an exercise for civic education. You will find at the end of the exercise you will have analysed both the current Constitution and laws relating to it, and the proposed one. You will become much more aware of the nature and purpose of the constitutional review. Please do send in any questions you may have on the PC and the CoE will be able to respond promptly on the Capital FM website.

(The writer is a member of the CoE. This article was first published in the Standard)Read more:
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Kenyans abroad dont want to scuttle new law

(Joseph Lister Nyaringo is a regular blogger on the Capital Website. He is based in New Jersey, USA)

Kenya’s Constitution Making History: 1890-2010

In 1920, the British declared Kenya a protectorate and a colony: a colony in the interior parts of Kenya and a protectorate at the 10-miles coastal strip that was under the reign of the sultan of Zanzibar.
Compiled by Tom Kagwe – CHAIR CRECO


36 Reasons Why Kenyans Wanted The Constitution To Be Overhauled And A New One Made Through A People Driven Process. Compiled By Cyprian Nyamwamu, May 4, 2010. See downloads!

Wanjiku vs. New Katiba

Tom Kagwe, J. P.
Ag. Programmes Coordinator / Dep. Ex. Director
KENYA HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION Opposite Valley Arcade, Gitanga Road,


Our new Poll Do you support the proposed draft constitution?survey software


This is a guest post by Tom Kagwe who is a Programme Coordinator / Deputy Executive Director, Kenya Human Rights Commision. The Post first appeared on the KPTJ mailing list. The debate on the Proposed Constitution of Kenya (PCK) is heating. Many are joining each side of the debate; whether to vote yes or no to [...]

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