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The Devolution Forum Conference

The Devolution Forum is a multi-sectoral alliance convened by civil society, to bring together like-minded networks, organizations and individuals united for the promotion and protection of Devolution and its implementation as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. Download the full report here The Devolution Forum Conference Report

IPOA Brochure

Do you know that the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) Act mandates the authority to undertake the following functions; To investigate Deaths & Serious injuries caused by police actions, To investigate police misconduct, To monitor, review and audit investigations and actions by internal affairs unit(IAU) of the police. Download the brochure for more information here [...]

Senate Special Committee Final Report on Kericho County Governor

Senate Special Committee Final Report on Kericho County Governor Impeachment Probe. The report was tabled in the house by the 11-member committee which was appointed by the senate to look into the allegations leveled against Governor Paul Chepkwony. Senate Special Committee Final Report on Kericho County Governor Impeachment Probe – 3rd June 2014 (3)

Reports on “Analysis of Civic Space in East African Countries”

EACSOF entered into partnership with Service Centre for Development Cooperation(KEPA) to analyze the enabling factors and constraints regarding CSO existence and operations in East Africa, with a view to improving the legal and political environment in the region.  In the Period of March- May 2014, EACSOF undertook National CSO Consultations with key stakeholders in Uganda, [...]

The Battering of the Constitution – Yash Gay

Uhuru Kenyatta inaugurated his presidency, just over a year ago, by the following declaration, “Achieving peace and strengthening unity will be the goal of my government. This work begins now”. These objectives, he said, “will be confirmed when the rights of all citizens are protected through legislation that upholds the spirit of our constitution…When all [...]

Bills and ACTs 2013

Several key constitutional bills were developed and several over-arching policies reviewed to meet the new government dispensation. Towards this, the CIC engaged several relevant ministries, departments and state agencies for purposes of identifying, prioritizing, developing and reviewing of legislation and policies.

The Public Benefits Organisations(PBO) Amendments


Even as the new government embarked on building the country, it was faced with major problems key among them being major strikes by Teachers, Doctors and Nurses. This saw key service delivery in the education and health sector affected with the strikes running for close to three months. for more information click on the following [...]

Election Petitions in Kenya 2013

After the Kenyan General Elections that were held on 5th March 2013 anumber of petitions have been filed in court on various accounts. A total of 187 petitions had been lodged in the courts of which more than 90 judges and magistrates across the country handled the petitions, which had to be concluded within six [...]


The elections will be held against a backdrop of the fraudulent presidential elections of 2007, and hence if successful, will create a new sense of legitimacy for that president and government that is formed, since the current grand coalition government has no direct electoral legitimacy: it is a ‘negotiated government’ under the auspices of the [...]


Sema Kenya is a weekly, one hour, interactive Kiswahili debate on TV, radio and the web. The programme is touring the country in the lead up to the 2013 elections, providing ordinary Kenyans with a platform to ask their questions, to gather information and to participate in the national conversation which will shape their future. [...]

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