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The journey on a search for a new constitutional dispensation has been on in Kenya for as long as through the last 20 years. Successive regimes have consistently either ignored or out rightly scuttled the process. Consequently, various political parties have always had constitutional reforms as one of their main agenda in successive electioneering processes.

Besides, there have been minimal constitutional reviews during major political crises such as the Inter-Parties Parliamentary Group (IPPG) and before that there was the review of the act of parliament on political parties to pave way for political pluralism. Civil society (Katiba Sasa Campaign) has, as a result of gaps emanating from lack of consistent players in the process, set forth 11 principles as the basis for interrogating the draft constitution as well as engagement in the review process as a whole to ensure its success.

Principle 1: Equality of participation – All citizens, being equal have the right to participate and contribute the constitution making process.

Principle 2: The constitution must secure gains made in the earlier constitutional review process. It must be a complete departure from the current constitutional order, build on progress aspects of earlier drafts and provide a sound basis for progressive legislation

Principle 3: All organs in the constitution review process shall work in a harmonious and complementary manner and consult regularly.

Principle 4: The constitution must respect the diversity of the Kenyan people. It must recognize the minorities and the marginalized, diverse communities, persons with disability and enhance gender equality.

Principle 5: The constitution must be founded on certain values, accountability, trust, integrity, equity, representation, inclusivity by providing national values and principles to guide policy and provide policy framework for national leadership.

Principle 6: The constitution must promote national cohesion, dialogue and tolerance by providing equitable distribution of resources and establish a credible mechanism for conflict management.

Principle 7: The constitution must respect universal principles of human rights and rule of law based on social justice.

Principle 8: The constitution must ensure separation of powers and check and balances by providing clear independence of branches of government, sanctions for abuse of power and mechanisms for vetting appointments.

Principle 9: The constitution must enhance fair and equitable distribution of natural resources and opportunities by ensuring devolution of power, providing a framework for equitable distribution and a means to combating discrimination.

Principle 10: The constitution must be implemented for the good of the people.

Principle 11: There must be a preamble that enshrines the spirit of the constitution

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