The Students Speak Jukwaa University Chapter

About the Students speak Jukwaa launch

The students Speak Jukwaa La Katiba was launched on 2nd of July 2011. More than 50 participants attended the function. There were representatives from University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Kenya Polytechnic and the majorities were from Mt. Kenya University who were the hosts. The Jukwaa La Katiba Steering Committee was represented by Pascaline Mulwa of TISA and the Jukwaa secretariat was represented by Boaz Mugoto and Leo Mutisya. There were also representatives from different media houses, these included; KBC TV,CAPITAL FM (98.4) and ONE FM.

The Launch

The launch was done at the same venue where the banner bearing the name JUKWAA LA KATIBA NATIONAL STUDENTS CAUCUS with tagline “Students Speak: Tuzinduke”! which had been folded and loosely hang was unfolded as the students chanted their slogan Students Speak: Tuzinduke! and as calls for Comrade Power echoed the ambiance.

Press Statement

The students then addressed the media. Mr. Makori Onsando read the statement on behalf of the rest. The issues addressed included the following;

They denoted that with the promulgation of the new constitution it had culminated a long and bitter struggle that involved many young people including some students of Universities. That it was a historical fact that many university students died in the struggle while others spent most of their youth in demonstrations and working behind the scenes to have a people driven constitution They acknowledged and felt also motivated and challenged to continue the works by ensuring that the very constitution was implemented in its fullest to its letter and spirit. That the new Kenyan constitution provides a wide range of rights and benefits for the youth, these include:

  • Dual citizenship more so for sporting youths  (Article 16)
  • Right to relevant education and professional training(Article 55 (a))
  • Right to access employment (Article 55(b))
  • Right to participate in political, social and economic spheres of life(Article 55(c))
  • Representation to senate (Article 98(c)), and all levels of leadership.

The statement as read by the student representatives reiterated that the concept of students speak provided the much need checks and balances in the implementation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. It was about giving people more so young people an opportunity to engage in building the new Kenya and opportunity to share the new Kenya.

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  • Mwenda Kevin

    It has come a time all the university student should rise up to their calling we are not goint o seat and watch politicians mess our nation…… wanafunzi tuzinduke

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