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Bills and ACTs 2013

Several key constitutional bills were developed and several over-arching policies reviewed to meet the new government dispensation. Towards this, the CIC engaged several relevant ministries, departments and state agencies for purposes of identifying, prioritizing, developing and reviewing of legislation and policies.

The Public Benefits Organisations(PBO) Amendments

Even as the new government embarked on building the country, it was faced with major problems key among them being major strikes by Teachers, Doctors and Nurses. This saw key service delivery in the education and health sector affected with the strikes running for close to three months.

for more information click on the following link: The Public Organization Act Amendments

Katiba Day Commemoration activities

KPTJ & KTJN statement on TJRC

KPTJ KTJN Statement on TJRC


Constitution and Reform Education Consortium which is the Secretariat for Jukwaa La Katiba, launched a TJRC observation report at Intercontinental. The report captures the findings of the whole TJR Process, highliting the challenges and Recommendations.

You can download the report here TJRC Observation Final Report

CRECO files Petition against the Attorney General on Misc Amendment Bill 2012

CRECO moved to court to file a petition against the Attorney General on Miscellaneous Amendment Bill 2012, on  27th June 2012,Here are some details on the case:

  1. Case Number 273 of 2012, High Court, Milimani
  2. Case was certified as urgent
  3. The case was heard ex-parte yesterday (27th July 2012) at 2.30 p.m. by Lady Justice Mumbi Ngugi in open court
  4. Temporary Injuction restraining the respondent (the Attorney General) from introducing into the National Assembly substantive amendments through Statute Law (Mis. Amendment) Bill 2012 was sought but not given.  Instead the Lady Justice gave an early date for hearing of the case inter-parte on Tuesday 3rd July 2012. The case did note proceed after The AG failed to serve Us with signed Affidavits, again the case which was set for today Tuesday 24th July 2012, failed for the second time after the respondent  failed to file a replying affidavit and therefore the case was referred and  25th September 2012, 9.00a.m set as the next hearing date (before Lady Justice Mumbi).

    Justice Majanja stipulated a time period of 14 days in which the respondent has to submit the aforementioned affidavit, failure to which it will only be fair to us and justice if the case is heard and a ruling made exparte.

For more information kindly click here

Outrage on Proposed Amendments to the Constitution


Jukwaa la Katiba Platform joined other Civil Society Groups yesterday, at the Hotel 680 to protest on the move by Members of Parliament to amend the constitution.  Speaking at the Hotel 680, members of the Jukwaa la Katiba strongly opposed the amendments to the Elections Act 2011, through the Miscellaneous Amendment Bill 2012.  They termed the amendments unconstitutional, unacceptable and a shameless bid by the MPs at self preservation.

This call was further echoed by CIC, the Law Society of Kenya, KHRC, International Center for Policy and Conflict and other Civil Society Groups who accused the MPs of embarking on a journey to mutilate a Constitution that is less than two years old, stating that the amendments were not in the interest of the people of Kenya.  They urged CIC to ask the courts to declare the changes unconstitutional if the President failed to hear their plea.  They further stated that the amendments were aimed at serving personal interests of the current MPs whichwas in direct contravention of Article 161 of the Constitution.

To download the statement made by Jukwaa la Katiba click here

Electoral body sets poll date for March 4, 2013

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBCannounced  next general election would be held on Monday March, 4 2013. This will be the first poll since the adoption of the new constitution. IEBC had been forced to set the date for the election after the two principals President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga failed to agree on an appropriate date. The two principlas had failed to decide on an election date following a court ruling in January that had given them two options. A three-judge bench had ruled that an election date would be determined if the two principals decided to dissolve the coalition government which was formed after the disputed presidential results in 2007, or at the end of the term of 10th Parliament. The term of the current Parliament expires in January 14, 2013 since MPs in the 10th Parliament were sworn in on January 14, 2008.

Jukwaa La Katiba issued a statement to the media urging the two principals President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to dissolve the Grand Coalition Government by 19th October 2012, to enable Kenyans go to elections in December, which is preferred by the majority.


Following the just concluded Confirmation Hearings at the International Criminal Court ( ICC) against the Ocampo six The Constitution and Reform Education Consortium (CRECO) held a press conference and called upon the President to require of both the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Honorable Uhuru Kenyatta and the Head of Civil Service Ambassador Francis Muthaura to resign from their positions in the Executive, in respect to Chapter Six, Article 73 (1) (a) which states that: An authority assigned to a State officer…is a public trust to be exercised in a manner that –

(iii) brings honor to the Nation and dignity to the office; and

(iv) promotes public confidence in the integrity of the office;

For statement download here

High court rules IEBC to fix elections date

A three bench judge Friday ruled that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) sets the date for the general election.

In a one hour ruling by constitutional court judges Isaac lenaola, David Majanja and Mumbi Ngugi, IEBC should set the election date 60 days after the expiry of the current parliament which is January 15,2013.

Going by the ruling, the general election is likely to be held in 2013.They ruled that the General Election can only be held in 2012 if President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga agree, in writing, to dissolve the Grand Coalition Government. This would be 60 days after the Principals agree to terminate the National Accord that holds the coalition parties, PNU and ODM, together.

Courtesy of KBC online

Download the ruling here

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